Boat Rentals



Bentley Pontoon Cruiser


[Newly Refitted!  

Each Boat Varies in layout] 

w/50hp- Max 14 people

2hr- $160
4hr- $270
6hr- $380
8hr- $500



Rent a Bentley Pontoon


Newly refitted!

15hp- Max 7ppl

2hr- $90
4hr- $130
6hr- $180
8hr- $220

               *Prices are for the boat rental only*                                                                                                                                                   Rod Rentals and Bait available in store

Read   below   for   more   boat   rentin'   info!

*Our boats are Pontoons and Skiffs. The Pontoons are 24' and very stable and easy to operate even if you have never driven a boat! The pontoons can take up to 14 people. They vary with the layouts of each particular boat but they all have a center console drive, couches, canopy top, plenty of walking room and 40hp and 50hp engines. You'll be able to get to your favorite fishing spot or cruise around in no time!

*Our 17' Skiffs are tiller driven outboards with 15hp motors. They are rather wide and perfect for a smaller fishing or crabbing crowd. The skiffs are licensed for up to 7 people although we suggest 4-5 people comfortably.

*Never boated? No problem, We'll show you how! The Mates will get your boat ready, assist with loading, show you how to use the rods and go over the map with you, and go over the operation of the boat and functions before sending you off! 

*All the boats are already equipped with a bucket, net, bait knife, cutting board, minnow trolley, map of surrounding areas and anchor! Rod rentals and bait are available in our store. You may bring anything else you like; food, drinks, & BYOB. Boats are also pet friendly!!

*Rental times go in intervals of 2 hours up to 8. Boats can go out as early as 7:30a and must be back to the dock by 7p. All you need to rent a boat is a valid drivers license, a working cell phone and a Visa/Mastercard credit card!  Reservations are not required but are strongly suggested. To reserve a boat, we just take your name and phone number and what time you want to go. You may e-mail, call or text that info for your convenience! You do need to arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled time for departure. If you need to register for your fishing license in the store, please arrive an additional 30 minutes before as well. You are now required to possess a New Jersey Saltwater License regulated by the State. You can register before hand at or you may do so at our store. 

                                    Reservations are strongly suggested!                                         Call us at 609-545-8736 or email

*Although rental companies are not required to maintain insurance on their boats, we do. All of our boats are licensed and insured. We know you want the best for your family and we want the best for our customers!

We have the newest rental boat fleet on the island! Our Ocean City Fishing Center has a long reputation of satisfaction and a long time in business! Ocean City NJ Fishing Center is a family owned and operated business that cares about our customers and aim to provide a fun, family friendly enviorment that will become a staple in your summer vacation!